Aleksandra Kosanović Strižak
Aleksandra Kosanović Strižak

Aleksandra Kosanović Strižak, the director of Marketing Sector and Communications with Erste Bank:

“We were delighted to hear that Bitef will be held after all, even in this atypical, Prologue-edition. We would like to express our gratitude to the members of the organizing committee of the 54th and 55th Bitef for not even remotely allowing for the possibility that the Festival might not happen this year.

We were preparing to become the partners of the Festival for a long time, knowing that it has been promoting theatre art, cultural values, new, innovative stage achievement, but also classical theatre for more than fifty years.

Our decision to pick this year, so unusual and unpredictable, and for culture a very difficult one, to support the Festival which has been writing the history of the contemporary theatre in a brave and courageous way for years, is not haphazard.

Our desire is to support the Festival as a friend and a partner, to help its duration and tradition persist, to return the audience into theatres, to have the curtains lifted, so that Belgrade can keep shining on the theatre map of the world.

We are looking forward to mid-September, to theatre performances, panel discussions, talks with the artists, and above all to seeing theatre artists whom we have missed so much in the previous months.”